Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jethro Bastion

Introducing Jethro Bastion. Born September 26th, 8:03 AM. 7lbs 14oz. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I found a tribal print dress on one of my thrift store forays and have since been inspired by all the tribal looks shown in the Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear shows. When I have time I'm going to bring my thrift-store find up-to-date by shortening it and adding a wide belt. It might even end up in my shop...
Ohne Titel Spring 2012 ready-to-wear; Holly Fulton Spring 2012 ready-to-wear via
Michael Angel Spring 2012 ready-to-wear; Donna Karen Spring 2012 ready-to-wear via
 Burberry Prorsum Spring 2012 ready-to-wear; Derek Lam Spring 2012 ready-to-wear via

 Thrift-store find: Can't wait to alter this beaut!

P.S. I am not in labour as I write this. But I might be by the time you read it : )

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Left Hanging

In preparation for Jethro I've had to do some serious decluttering. Jethro will be in our room until he's sleeping through the night (It took Levi a year. Here's hoping Jethro is an "in three months" miracle). I had to get rid of my decrepit night stand that was becoming a dumping ground for random photos, beauty products, magazines and general junk. It was an eye sore and took up a ton of space. We have a tiny bedroom (Seriously. Never complain about a small master suite until you see ours). 

I decided a great alternative to a night stand would be a hanging shelf. It takes up no floor space and can be placed at any height. I'm very thankful to have a husband with carpentry skills. I showed Ben a picture and he whipped up my night shelf with spare pieces of wood. 

I have made a vow to not turn this shelf into a junk pile. All the pretty little crystal containers I've picked up at thrift stores hold my jewelry and air plants. Only the books and magazines I'm currently reading are allowed on the bottom half. Our room looks more spacious and clean and another DIY is complete!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


The Spring 2012 Fashion Week season has produced many looks I love but usually I am drawn to several pieces from the same collection. I guess that means the designer deserves a pat on the back since that is their end goal. 

Jonathon Saunders created a beautiful colour palette of girly dresses and separates.  I'm fascinated by the length of his dresses and skirts as they hit below the knee, a very modest departure from the thigh baring trend seen every where, all the time (rain or shine. Really?) As much as I'm attracted to the longer look I think I should plan to pull out some heels to avoid being frumpy. I tried to source some close-ups of the shoes in this collection but came up empty. From what I can see, those sandals/wedges are gorgeous!

Photo: Alessandro Viero/Go via

I'm having one of those moments as on television where the dream bubble is popped, only to reveal a less spectacular reality. I can talk about pretty clothes and shoes but I'm wearing pajama bottoms up to my chest and a large, free T-shirt that is destined to become a nighty. Also, when am I going to wear heels? I'm 39 weeks pregnant and I'm pretty sure me, my flip flops, nursing bra and sweats are going to become good friends over the next few weeks. As unspectacular as my reality sounds, I am so content with my situation in life. I love being a mommy and I don't mind sacrificing fashion for comfort when my babes are wee ones. It's all part of life. One day, in the not-to-far future, I'll dress-up again and it will be great fun. In the mean time, I'm sporting my elastic pants and loving it!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Repo Wear Winner!

Congratulations Danielle of love and look pretty! You've won the Repo Wear Nothing But Blue Skies Dress! Please e-mail me at with your mailing details.


Nine more days until Jethro is due. I can barely have a conversation without gripping a counter top and sucking in my breath as waves of Braxton Hicks hit me. I never had any pre-labour contractions with Levi but when Jethro moves he brings on sharp pain, especially in my lower back. I know I'm not in labour but it is a clear reminder of what I will soon be experiencing. 


 It's hard to believe that our lives are going to become more full and busy any day now. I have a million things I want to do. Most of which involve overhauling rooms in our house and have nothing to do with preparing for a baby. I guess because I'm ready. We have the practical care items and honestly, what more does a newborn need then boobs, a bed and a bath? And loads of hugs, kisses and cuddles. 

The most important thing is to not wish away the newborn stage. The sleepless nights and raging hormones can't overshadow the beauty of watching a human being learn and grow. Before I know it Jethro will be like Levi, an independent little man with the ability to reject my hugs and kisses. It's insane to witness how Levi is geared towards the arts, just like his daddy. 

What will Jethro be like? 

Just to prove how fast they grow, here's a video bringing you the cutest moment of your day.

P.S. I'll be announcing the Repo Wear winner by the end of the day.

Monday, September 12, 2011

All I Need Is The Air...

I've always been a little nervous of homes where plants have overtaken the interior. I need natural lighting and I can't imagine blocking it out of my home with flora. However, greenery can also be a cool design element of any space.

My latest flora discovery is the air plant. I was over at a friend's house and she had containers of air plants throughout her living room. Air plants can be displayed in almost any way because they require no soil. This makes them a perfect alternative to large plant containers in our small apartment space.  The absence of soil also reduces the temptation for our two-year-old to go digging. Their care involves a little bit of natural light and a soaking in water 2-3 times per week. Many air plants eventually produce brilliantly coloured blooms. 

It turns out my friend's neighbors import air plants so I was able to do a home visit and pick up a tray. Now they're on my night shelf, adding a little bit of pretty to our bedroom. I'm a novice at caring for air plants but mine are still alive and kicking, so I must be doing something right!

If you're in the Vancouver area, you can e-mail Epiphytic Art at to find out more about the different varieties of air plants and how to purchase them. Air plants are also available at Celsia Florist.

Air Plant Displays at Epiphytic Art.

Some more nifty ways to display air plants.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Caught My Eye

I don't usually post much about fashion week although I do look through every single collection, ohhhing and ahhhing over the clothes that catch my eye. So far at New York Fashion Week the most accessible collection I found, to my personal style and taste, is Gary Graham. I love the way he layered soft feminine pieces, adding in floral prints and pops of colour. Of course I couldn't actually afford any of the designs but I feel like the esthetic could be imitated through some lovely thrift store finds. 

Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Gary Graham via

I also loved the luxurious collections like The Row. The Olsen girls are killing it, season after season. However, can I picture wearing lots of white, cream and soft mint with a new born and a two year old? A thousand times no : ) 

What are your favorite collections for the Spring 2012 Season?

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today my sweet sister took me to get a before-baby pedicure (just in case the bright, happy colour on my toes distracts me from the pains of labour). Having my toes painted jogged my memory of all the fun mani and pedi's I've come across on Pinterest. I wanted to remind everyone of the Repo Wear Giveaway by pairing some of my favorite nail looks with items from the shop. 
Source for nail photos can be found on my Pinterest.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekend Recap: Harrison Hot Springs

On the Labour Day weekend Ben and I had our last get away before Jethro arrives. We drove out to the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa and used a gift certificate for our one night stay.
Top Seven Things I Enjoyed About Harrison Hot Springs:

1. The attempt to make the resort like a little oasis, remote from the hustle and bustle of the Lower Mainland. I only wish it was also remote from people who use the term, "big ass" a lot. 

2. Swimming in a fresh water lake. Nothing feels better than weightlessness at 37 weeks pregnant.

3. The Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa had the usual hotel freebies of shampoo and moisturizer. The difference is the resort shampoo smelt like candy canes and the moisturizer like fresh mangos. The bar soap had built in exfoliants. Normally I find hotel products stinky but these ones were lovely (And yes, I took them home). 

4. A yummy four course meal at the hotel restaurant, The Copper Room (Much cheaper than anything we would find in the city). We arrived in day wear and Ben was promptly sent back to our room to put on pants. I think they were hoping for dress pants but they got jeans instead. I was underdressed as well but I'm starting to realize that people are frightened to correct a pregnant woman. We'll know better for next time : )

5. One on one time with my hubby. Life is soooo busy and this was a necessary and timely retreat.

6. Bringing our french press and our own beans to make good coffee. A hotel room must.

7. Spending time studying the Book of James. A new journey I'm embarking on to ground myself in scripture. 

We tried out the hot spring pools at the hotel but I much prefer a cold lake for rejuvenation on a sweltering summer's day. However, the pools would be heavenly in the winter time. 

Now that we're home it is a race to the finish line getting things prepped for Jethro's arrival. He could make an appearance any day now!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Style Lab

I have a hard time committing to one hairstylist. I've been wandering like a lost puppy from salon to salon since living in Vancouver. I've finally come to the conclusion that word of mouth and physical evidence is the key to winning my hair. 

Countless friends, and my husband, are dedicated clients of Eliza Warford at Style Lab Headquarters. I've never seen an Eliza cut and colour that I didn't love. For a while I was taking a lazy approach to my hair and  going to the salon right around the corner from our house. Time efficient and easy doesn't always = awesome. 

I finally booked an appointment with Eliza and was so happy with the results. Not only that, I learned why Style Lab is one of the coolest salons in Vancouver. 

Each stylist rents their chair from the owner of the shop. This means the stylists are self-employed, schedule all their own appointments and avoid a lot of the drama that comes with a corporation. The atmosphere of Style Lab is relaxed and friendly. The shop itself is set up in an open, warehouse space and the stylists' cute little pups freely roam the room. 

Eliza has a degree in entrepreneurship and marketing which makes Style Lab an ideal place to set-up her business and welcome clientele. I love the idea of supporting Eliza as a local, independent business woman/artist extraordinaire! 

Another unique feature of Style Lab is no website. It's up to each stylist to promote their business and draw clientele to Style Lab. If you're in Vancouver and want an awesome hair makeover you can contact Eliza through her blog. Eliza also does hair for weddings, one of which was recently featured on Style Me Pretty Canada

Eliza Consulting with a Client

Thursday, September 1, 2011

With Ease

 I love these sandals. I was on a thrifting hunt and sat down next to the shoe section to go through the items I had collected, discarding some as I went. I glanced to my right and there were these lovely sandals.  As always it was the quality of the sandal that first caught my eye. I could tell that they were made with a fine leather and the sole was in great condition. The heel is just what I've been looking for in a shoe: tall, but chunky so I can actually walk in them. The made in Italy label sold me. I didn't recognize the brand but I looked it up when I got home and Alberto Fermani makes some fine shoes! Brand new they retail at about $400.00 Canadian! I paid $6.00 for a pair in mint condition. 

I realize from these pictures it looks like my toes don't fit properly. They do, it's that my feet are swollen like balloons. As you can see my toe nails are not painted because I can't really reach them over my belly. I tried with red nail polish. It ended up looking like I had stubbed my toes, resulting in massive blood shed. Not a pretty sight. 

Needless to say I can't wait until I can wear these pretties with comfort and ease. I have three and a half weeks of pregnancy left! That means my hospital bag needs to be packed and in a few days little Jethro will be considered a full-term babe!