Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekend Recap: Harrison Hot Springs

On the Labour Day weekend Ben and I had our last get away before Jethro arrives. We drove out to the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa and used a gift certificate for our one night stay.
Top Seven Things I Enjoyed About Harrison Hot Springs:

1. The attempt to make the resort like a little oasis, remote from the hustle and bustle of the Lower Mainland. I only wish it was also remote from people who use the term, "big ass" a lot. 

2. Swimming in a fresh water lake. Nothing feels better than weightlessness at 37 weeks pregnant.

3. The Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa had the usual hotel freebies of shampoo and moisturizer. The difference is the resort shampoo smelt like candy canes and the moisturizer like fresh mangos. The bar soap had built in exfoliants. Normally I find hotel products stinky but these ones were lovely (And yes, I took them home). 

4. A yummy four course meal at the hotel restaurant, The Copper Room (Much cheaper than anything we would find in the city). We arrived in day wear and Ben was promptly sent back to our room to put on pants. I think they were hoping for dress pants but they got jeans instead. I was underdressed as well but I'm starting to realize that people are frightened to correct a pregnant woman. We'll know better for next time : )

5. One on one time with my hubby. Life is soooo busy and this was a necessary and timely retreat.

6. Bringing our french press and our own beans to make good coffee. A hotel room must.

7. Spending time studying the Book of James. A new journey I'm embarking on to ground myself in scripture. 

We tried out the hot spring pools at the hotel but I much prefer a cold lake for rejuvenation on a sweltering summer's day. However, the pools would be heavenly in the winter time. 

Now that we're home it is a race to the finish line getting things prepped for Jethro's arrival. He could make an appearance any day now!

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  1. Ooh, that lake sounds divine! Glad you had a nice time! :)