Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Left Hanging

In preparation for Jethro I've had to do some serious decluttering. Jethro will be in our room until he's sleeping through the night (It took Levi a year. Here's hoping Jethro is an "in three months" miracle). I had to get rid of my decrepit night stand that was becoming a dumping ground for random photos, beauty products, magazines and general junk. It was an eye sore and took up a ton of space. We have a tiny bedroom (Seriously. Never complain about a small master suite until you see ours). 

I decided a great alternative to a night stand would be a hanging shelf. It takes up no floor space and can be placed at any height. I'm very thankful to have a husband with carpentry skills. I showed Ben a picture and he whipped up my night shelf with spare pieces of wood. 

I have made a vow to not turn this shelf into a junk pile. All the pretty little crystal containers I've picked up at thrift stores hold my jewelry and air plants. Only the books and magazines I'm currently reading are allowed on the bottom half. Our room looks more spacious and clean and another DIY is complete!


  1. Nice!! Maybe if you get hard up for storage again, you can get some pretty baskets to put underneath and keep things corralled.

  2. Good plan! Right now all that fits there is a bassinet : )

  3. I like your choices of reading material.

    Our baby will be in a crib in our room, and I'll have to get creative with the space planning too.