Sunday, September 18, 2011


The Spring 2012 Fashion Week season has produced many looks I love but usually I am drawn to several pieces from the same collection. I guess that means the designer deserves a pat on the back since that is their end goal. 

Jonathon Saunders created a beautiful colour palette of girly dresses and separates.  I'm fascinated by the length of his dresses and skirts as they hit below the knee, a very modest departure from the thigh baring trend seen every where, all the time (rain or shine. Really?) As much as I'm attracted to the longer look I think I should plan to pull out some heels to avoid being frumpy. I tried to source some close-ups of the shoes in this collection but came up empty. From what I can see, those sandals/wedges are gorgeous!

Photo: Alessandro Viero/Go via

I'm having one of those moments as on television where the dream bubble is popped, only to reveal a less spectacular reality. I can talk about pretty clothes and shoes but I'm wearing pajama bottoms up to my chest and a large, free T-shirt that is destined to become a nighty. Also, when am I going to wear heels? I'm 39 weeks pregnant and I'm pretty sure me, my flip flops, nursing bra and sweats are going to become good friends over the next few weeks. As unspectacular as my reality sounds, I am so content with my situation in life. I love being a mommy and I don't mind sacrificing fashion for comfort when my babes are wee ones. It's all part of life. One day, in the not-to-far future, I'll dress-up again and it will be great fun. In the mean time, I'm sporting my elastic pants and loving it!

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