Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Man's Trash....

Clothing swaps are the best idea. Last weekend I met up with some gal pals at my friend Tammy's  loft apartment. We emptied our bags of clothes on the floor and started digging through each others' cast offs.  Surprisingly I found some great treasures in the accessories department. I have a hard time spending money on accessories so I was thrilled to come away with some gorgeous, vintage pieces for FREE!

Eventually I'll figure out what outfits they go well with but for now, here's a picture of two of my great finds.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Levi's Got a Line

I think Levi may be the coolest baby in town for having a whole line of guitars named after him. My father-in-law recently launched a new guitar business and was inspired to name the company after his first grand child. Very fitting considering that Levi's daddy is a musician, as is his grandpa and many other family members. One of the models is named after me. I was thrilled considering any music I make has an uncanny resemblance to a lobster in boiling water.

It gives me great joy knowing that Levi will grow up in a world full of art and creativity. He already rocks out on his toy guitar, drums and xylophone but what I love best is when Levi announces his arrival at the super market with a kazoo. People always peer into his stroller to see what's making the noise. I think they're relieved to realize it's a baby and not a small animal.

Levi Guitar's is still in the early stages but for contact info. visit  www.leviguitars.com

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommy Musing

It was so weird to have people say, "Happy Mother's Day" to me. Mother's Day always feels like a vain attempt to thank the woman who selflessly gave herself to raising my siblings and I. My mom deserves more than one day to know that we appreciate all she sacrificed for us. I struggle to imagine that I could ever be as selfless as her when it comes to raising my own children.

My mom still loves me even though I didn't let her sleep through the night until I was three years old. As a young adult living at home when I had insomnia, I would call to my mom in the middle of the night and she would come to me, sometimes rubbing my forehead until I fell asleep. My parents have always slept with their bedroom door slightly open in order to hear us kids if we needed them.

These are photos of me lying in a hospital bed. After long, grueling hours of labour, I had finally given birth to Levi. I hadn't slept in ages. My mom is leaning over me, rubbing my forehead and giving me a kiss. My eyes are closed and I remember feeling so at peace. Life had just burst forth from me. Life that I was responsible for. It was an overwhelming  and terrifying sensation yet I felt such security knowing that my mommy was by my side.

I can only hope and pray that I will have the same strength to be there for my children as my mom has been there for me.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let Me Off the Nook

What you are viewing is a disgrace. Wasted space. This is the little nook off my kitchen. Notice the big windows letting in the glorious light of day as well as the lovely trees in the background. How do I enjoy this area of my house? I plop myself and Levi on that little mini-freezer in the corner and take in the view.  This nook is also used for clothes drying, random suitcase dumping and general baby debris.

When Levi's in bed for the night, I magically transform our nook into a place of awesomeness.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tea Party

The whimsical illustrations in children's books always remind me that life is precious, therefore I need to slow down and appreciate the gift we have in imagination. I love the illustrations of Canadian artist, Melinda Josie. Her work reminds me of an age of innocence where I would dress up and have tea-parties with my stuffed animals. I'll spare my little boy but if ever I have a girl,  I will revive tea-party time!