Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Levi's Got a Line

I think Levi may be the coolest baby in town for having a whole line of guitars named after him. My father-in-law recently launched a new guitar business and was inspired to name the company after his first grand child. Very fitting considering that Levi's daddy is a musician, as is his grandpa and many other family members. One of the models is named after me. I was thrilled considering any music I make has an uncanny resemblance to a lobster in boiling water.

It gives me great joy knowing that Levi will grow up in a world full of art and creativity. He already rocks out on his toy guitar, drums and xylophone but what I love best is when Levi announces his arrival at the super market with a kazoo. People always peer into his stroller to see what's making the noise. I think they're relieved to realize it's a baby and not a small animal.

Levi Guitar's is still in the early stages but for contact info. visit  www.leviguitars.com


  1. Hahaha! A kazoo! He truly is the coolest.

  2. Definitely, the coolest! Not for nothing is he my favorite baby.