Saturday, July 31, 2010

You Can Buy Me

Levi Guitars are in business! Check out the model named after me. MM82, Michelle Mary born in 1982!  MM82 is modeled after a Les Paul guitar, made huge in the 80s by bands like Jimmy Page and Slash (I had no idea, Ben tells me these things). They come in black, gold top, gold flame and cherry sunburst. Hypothetically speaking, if I played guitar, I would choose this black one to play when feeling melancholic and mysterious. I think I'd also have to find me a black lace cape like the one worn by Rachel at Thatschic to add to the mystery. Can you picture it? 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Making It Work

I will never forget the day that, as a child, I was standing in our kitchen complaining to my dad that my beloved Popples (Remember them?) pajamas no longer fit. They were my last pair of pajamas with feet. My dad grabbed a pair of scissors and cut those suckers off. I don't remember if I was sad or happy but I know they fit a lot better.

Fast forward to now. We are a family on a tight budget. I hope when Levi looks back on this picture, he thinks to himself, "Mama made it work!"

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Light Up My Life

What is a Vancouver summer without The Celebration of Light? I have so many memories of making the trek into Vancouver from the burbs to watch the world renown fireworks display. Oh, the smell of sweaty bodies, donuts, and BC's famed crop.

The fireworks are way more accessible living in the city. Three blocks down to the beach and there are dozens of breathtaking views of English Bay. Weirdly enough I love the huge crowds. There is something about the anonymity of being surrounded by strangers that I find peaceful. On the other hand put me in a crowd of familiar faces and my anxiety shoots to the roof.

Ben had an idea to put Levi to bed at his regular, 7:00 bedtime and then wake him up at 10:00 to go down to the beach. Um, can you remind me who would have to deal with the baba the next day? ME. Vetoed! Levi had no idea the sky was exploding around him as he slept peacefully in his crib. AS IT SHOULD BE.

"Next year," Ben says.

The Celebration of Light is a people-watching heaven. My favorite couple of the night were this cute pair, sitting in front of us. They brought a little picnic of bread and dips, complete with a chopping block. I love the girl's kimono!

I heart you summertime! Please stay for a while. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Juicy Like a Cherry Tomatoe

 I'm mildly obsessed with cherry tomatoe lately. My obsession began with this dress from modcloth. Even though I'm finished breastfeeding, my mind automatically thinks, "That zipper is very convenient." I also love, love the back!

If the colour is cool enough for Tavi then it's cool enough for me.

Garance says she wouldn't wear these shoes with this colour in public, but c'mon, can't you picture yourself in a plain jane outfit and then BAM! POW! Check out those feet!

Finally, Stella McCartney's Fall 2010 collection is backing cherry tomatoe. Are you sold yet?
*Photo via fashiongonerogue.Natalia Vodinova by Mert and Marcus

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Take Me There

Lately I have been so inspired by different artists and their works. In the next while I am going to post some of my favorites. Today, I am going to introduce you to Natsko Seki. Her work which she creates with mixed media is so original and leaves me feeling cheery and nostalgic for my childhood. I want to visit the places in her creations with Levi and Ben. Feast your eyes on these!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quick and Easy

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It's not everyday I come across a healthy, vegetarian recipe that is absolutely delicious. Let alone multiple yummy recipes. The blog girlsgonechild features the best quinoa recipes I have ever tasted. Quinoa is a grain rich in iron, potassium and B vitamins. Perhaps more importantly for a busy mommy, quinoa is quick and easy to make. We pick up ours at a produce store. For a family on a budget I highly recommend trying out the recipes at girlsgonechild.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Love

I love a beautiful summer wedding! What a great reason to dress up, hire a baby-sitter (also known as Grandma and Grandpa) and hit the town. 
Everything I'm wearing is borrowed vintage. The dress belonged to my friend Tami's mom. The belt is real python and the necklace is thrifted too. All courtesy of ever so stylish Tami! 
Granville Island Hotel on Granville Island is the classiest wedding reception venue I've ever been too. It  has a magnificent view of False Creek.
No, it is not your imagination. The bridal party is arriving to the reception on a family yacht. 
What a classy pair! 
Oh la la! 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Making Headway

The headboard on this bed used to be a coffee table! My sister is very creative and has an excellent eye for do-it-yourself home decorating projects. She and her husband found the top of this discarded coffee table in the workroom of their apartment. My sister refinished the wood with a glossy coat of paint and bought this funky flower fabric for upholstering the rectangles where the glass of the table used to be. The headboard is mounted to the wall. Talk about thrifty innovation!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beachy Keen Day

I love kiddy birthday parties. Especially ones with themes. Today's theme: Where the Wild Things Are. Happy birthday Neriah! Thanks for being Levi's girlfirend friend.

Yummy, yummy cupcakes

Pretty girl!


My daddy rocks!

Mmmm salty!

Ben's biceps

Verdict: The beach is awesome, Neriah's awesome, life is awesome! 

P.S. I will not be taking my afternoon nap

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Run Baby Run

 Extreme heat plus a teething baby are a wicked combo. I pulled all the tricks out of the hat to try to distract Levi from his agony. My ability to imitate all varieties of motor vehicles, animals and bodily functions has become quite impressive. At three  o'clock I sent Ben what I like to call my "SOS" text message, come home NOW! 

Levi skipped his afternoon nap and after a visit to see our friends' beautiful new baby he was DONE. He ate his dinner in between sobs and the happiest he was all day is when I stuck him in a cold bath. Finally bedtime came and I'm pretty sure he passed out as soon as he hit the mattress. Did I mention that Levi was DONE? Well I was more DONE and GONE and I'm pretty sure my head hurt as much as Levi's little gums. Solution: Run. 

I don't run to get a killer physique. My abs separated like the Red Sea when I was pregnant and I'll forever have a little bump. You know it's bad when your mid-wife places her hand on your stomach and says, "Oh my goodness!" When I run I imagine I'm sweating out all the stress of the day. I cruise along the beach taking in the ocean and mountains and remind myself, "Man, am I blessed to live in Vancouver!" I allow my mind to wonder all over the place ("If I run fast enough Vancouverites look like a sea of lobsters") and then as I get into my groove I try to turn my mind to prayer and meditation. By the end of a run I am refreshed, renewed and the endorphins released make me feel high and happy. 

Tomorrow's a new day and hopefully it will bring me a happy little boy so we can continue with our mommy and baby adventures. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pretty in Paris

An amazing editorial is when the photo shoot is not just a girl in clothes but a character in a story. This editorial by photographer Aldona Karczmarczyk, with model Iza Olak, appears in the most recent issue of Poland's Twoj Styl. Iza Olak, styled by Maria Szaj, acts the part of a tourist taking in the sights, sounds and tastes of Paris.

 I love the juxtaposition between the tourists in the background and the elegance and grace of Iza. When I travel my wardrobe is runners and jeans but in a fantasy world, I would look like this and Ben would be dressed like James Bond.

*Photos via Fashion Gone Rogue