Thursday, July 8, 2010

Run Baby Run

 Extreme heat plus a teething baby are a wicked combo. I pulled all the tricks out of the hat to try to distract Levi from his agony. My ability to imitate all varieties of motor vehicles, animals and bodily functions has become quite impressive. At three  o'clock I sent Ben what I like to call my "SOS" text message, come home NOW! 

Levi skipped his afternoon nap and after a visit to see our friends' beautiful new baby he was DONE. He ate his dinner in between sobs and the happiest he was all day is when I stuck him in a cold bath. Finally bedtime came and I'm pretty sure he passed out as soon as he hit the mattress. Did I mention that Levi was DONE? Well I was more DONE and GONE and I'm pretty sure my head hurt as much as Levi's little gums. Solution: Run. 

I don't run to get a killer physique. My abs separated like the Red Sea when I was pregnant and I'll forever have a little bump. You know it's bad when your mid-wife places her hand on your stomach and says, "Oh my goodness!" When I run I imagine I'm sweating out all the stress of the day. I cruise along the beach taking in the ocean and mountains and remind myself, "Man, am I blessed to live in Vancouver!" I allow my mind to wonder all over the place ("If I run fast enough Vancouverites look like a sea of lobsters") and then as I get into my groove I try to turn my mind to prayer and meditation. By the end of a run I am refreshed, renewed and the endorphins released make me feel high and happy. 

Tomorrow's a new day and hopefully it will bring me a happy little boy so we can continue with our mommy and baby adventures.