Thursday, July 29, 2010

Light Up My Life

What is a Vancouver summer without The Celebration of Light? I have so many memories of making the trek into Vancouver from the burbs to watch the world renown fireworks display. Oh, the smell of sweaty bodies, donuts, and BC's famed crop.

The fireworks are way more accessible living in the city. Three blocks down to the beach and there are dozens of breathtaking views of English Bay. Weirdly enough I love the huge crowds. There is something about the anonymity of being surrounded by strangers that I find peaceful. On the other hand put me in a crowd of familiar faces and my anxiety shoots to the roof.

Ben had an idea to put Levi to bed at his regular, 7:00 bedtime and then wake him up at 10:00 to go down to the beach. Um, can you remind me who would have to deal with the baba the next day? ME. Vetoed! Levi had no idea the sky was exploding around him as he slept peacefully in his crib. AS IT SHOULD BE.

"Next year," Ben says.

The Celebration of Light is a people-watching heaven. My favorite couple of the night were this cute pair, sitting in front of us. They brought a little picnic of bread and dips, complete with a chopping block. I love the girl's kimono!

I heart you summertime! Please stay for a while. 

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