Sunday, July 25, 2010

Juicy Like a Cherry Tomatoe

 I'm mildly obsessed with cherry tomatoe lately. My obsession began with this dress from modcloth. Even though I'm finished breastfeeding, my mind automatically thinks, "That zipper is very convenient." I also love, love the back!

If the colour is cool enough for Tavi then it's cool enough for me.

Garance says she wouldn't wear these shoes with this colour in public, but c'mon, can't you picture yourself in a plain jane outfit and then BAM! POW! Check out those feet!

Finally, Stella McCartney's Fall 2010 collection is backing cherry tomatoe. Are you sold yet?
*Photo via fashiongonerogue.Natalia Vodinova by Mert and Marcus


  1. Ok I really love the dress and those shoes. But I feel like if you wore those shoes a lot you might get some pretty nasty sweat condensation on them.

  2. That is a very good and valid point. The clear part would probably turn yellowish eventually