Monday, April 25, 2011

Mommy Monday: Getting Dirty

Today we began our vegetable garden. Levi had his little tools and he "helped" us as we pulled up weeds and grass to make space for our garden beds. Ben and I are building the garden based on a boxed style layout in a raised bed. The most informative website I found for how to have a high-yield garden in a small space is from a Colorado State University page

It was very refreshing to get a little dirty working the land. I loved watching Levi discover bugs and other creepy crawlies.  It is a a bit of a challenge to pull out weeds with a pregnant belly but I still enjoyed the experience. Also, did you know gardening is excellent foreplay? Made you blush.

 I found these items that I thought would make gardening even more of a pleasure. I figure the plants shouldn't be the only colourful thing in a garden! Wouldn't they make great Mother's Day gifts!?

1. Missoni Sun Hat via
2. T-Shirt - American Apparel
3. Jimi Flare Jeans - TEXTILE Elizabeth and James
4. Gloves - Paisley Gauntlet Glove -
5. Garden Tools -
6. Herb Drying Rack and spade shovel -

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