Friday, April 8, 2011

Fashion Friday: Spring In My Step

Today was sunny and bright. The weather was warm enough to dry our clothes on the clothesline! Oh, how the little things excite me! 

Ben got up with Levi in the morning so I slept my tired, prego butt in. As a result I had a little more spring in my step today. I even put together an outfit and I'm happy with the result. This blue sweater is super comfy and stretchy for my belly. I love my new red shades from H&M ($6.95) and then there are my TOMS. 

Oh my. Heaven on my feet. I understood why people were buying TOMS for a good cause (For every pair you buy, a pair of shoes is donated to a child in need). However, I didn't realize they were ridiculously comfortable. I want to sleep in them. They're perfect shoes for pregnancy because I can slip them on and off. When I was pregnant with Levi, Ben used to have to help me get out of my shoes. I remember coming home one day and he wasn't there to rescue my feet. I cried. 

The tote I'm sporting is a free gift from the Disney Store. If you see it up close it is covered with Disney characters but what I like about it is the colours, size and shape. 

Levi is always close by and I'm leaving him next week to go to Chicago with Ben. We're in the Windy City for a conference but it also makes for a sweet babymoon. I am going to heart-achingly miss my little man. I'm tearing up...

I've never been able to figure out how to style this necklace I picked up at a clothing exchange. It finally occurred to me that it would make an awesome bracelet. 

Next week I plan to change things up and do a style post for each day in Chicago. I'm looking forward to choosing my clothes not based on how sticky Levi's hands are!

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