Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Country Craving

I love living an urban lifestyle but there is a part of me that craves the simplicity of the country. I have never lived beyond suburbia, but lately I've felt like working the land!

Instead of an acreage I have a tiny square of grass, but in the coming year I'm hoping to grow things. I say things because everything is theoretical and I don't know what or when to plant. Fortunately, my neighbors are joining me in this endeavor and so hopefully we will see a tomato or two.
I have a number of sources of inspiration leading me to this country-living craving. I'm reading a book titled Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingslover. Kingslover tells the story of her family's decision to move to a farm, raise their own food, buy it locally or live without it for one year. The purpose of their venture is to reveal how living off the land is a lost art, as we rely on mega-industry to bring food to our table. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle covers a lot of territory from food ethics to scrumptious recipes. I can't wait to apply some of the knowledge from this book when I grow my own garden.
Another source of inspiration is the lovely blog, A Day in the Country. Heather Cameron is an organic farmer (among many other things) in the Fraser Valley. The images she posts of her farm life could make even the most hard-core city dweller want to visit the country. Her posts are also incredibly witty.
And then of course there is how I envision I would dress on the farm. Frolicking only happens in the country.
Finally, I splurged and bought some Hunter Wellies. They are begging to get muddy.

*Model photo-Morning Beauty:Sasha Pivovarova by Nathaniel Goldberg via fashiongonerogue

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  1. I too have been thinking about gardening lately. Probably because I went home for Thanksgiving and dug carrots in the farm garden and loved every moment of it immensely.

    Also I do enjoy a good frolic.