Sunday, October 17, 2010

Awesomeness Over Practicality?

The weathermen are predicting the worse winter in 55 years. Umm, were they around two years ago? I was sure the winter of 2008/2009 was the beginning of the end of the world.  I was pregnant and plodding through huge snow drifts. My equilibrium was totally thrown off by my belly and the snow contributed to many but plants. Have you ever seen the terror on people's faces when a pregnant woman falls? Bless their hearts, I was fine, just wet and shaking my fist at the City of Vancouver.

For this winter I know I should be considering practical footwear. Pretending money doesn't matter, Hunter Wellies are the obvious option. They're cool, comfortable and will keep my feet dry.
But then, with Ben gone, I have been window shopping on-line. Stupid, I know. I came across these boots in all their awesomeness.
I love the blue lining and how it flows up over the ankle. I think the heel is flattering and they would look amazing with skinny jeans, tights, dresses, pretty much everything. Like this dress, with a wide brown or blue belt.

However, my crush on these boots is impractical (to put it mildly). If I'm trekking through snow in them, I will likely fall and break both legs. 


I'd love to hear some opinions. Awesomeness over practicality? 

*Dress and brown boots from modcloth. FYI, Instyle magazine is promoting a 15% discount off any modcloth purchase using the code: instylewebguide.


  1. This is your Dad speaking "The first boots are plenty cool". You're not playing psychology with people who will reject the outlandish and confirm the better, yet still pricey alternative? Right? Someone has to speak for absent Ben ;.{)

  2. Personally, I want these for this winter:

    I just don't know which ones yet.

  3. Love the bogs! I like the rider style. In all the colours!