Monday, February 21, 2011

Short Circuit

I feel like my creative switch has been turned off or short circuited. I've been following Fashion Week but it's hard to picture myself sporting designer clothing when my stomach is turning into a basketball. However, I was browsing The Sartorialist and Scott Schuman always has a way of reigniting my love for fashion as art. His shots of Jonathan Saunders Fall 2011 collection are stunning. The collection is captivating with it's colorful prints and flattering lines. It's definitely not maternity wear but I do have a few funky print blouses that I'm inspired to dig out of the closet. I also appreciate the modesty of the collection. Modesty is never overrated.

Yes, this is the lovely Janice Alida who I interviewed here. She walked in so many shows in New York I lost track. Watch for her during London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week.


  1. Love these photos. The oriental quality of the fabric is so sumptuous and the jackets remind me so much of 80's power dressing. Strange mix but it works. haha