Thursday, October 6, 2011

Survival Tips

I am tired. Both my little boys have colds and since Jethro is in our room I hear him wheeze and snort all night long. I know I could move Jethro's bassinet out of our room but I like to be close to comfort him. He's so itty bitty. Not even two weeks old.

Now that it's my second time through the newborn stage I have a couple survival strategies that I thought I'd share. 

#1. Get out of the house.
Even the coziest home begins to feel like a cave or cage when getting out of the house seems impossible with a newborn. Fresh air is good for everyone!  Jethro and I headed down to the beach to take in my favourite view. He passed out in his Ergo and I enjoyed some moments of peace and reflection. 

#2. Don't forget your hobbies.
It's so easy to become completely engrossed in caring for a little baby to the point of forgetting you have any other interests. Baby is a number one priority but parenthood is not a reason to forget personal growth - spiritual, physical, recreational - all areas. 

As a hobby/business I love sharing thrift store finds and demonstrating that personal style does not have to come at a high price. Here are a couple of my recent finds.

This leather clutch is as soft as butter and big enough to hold all my cards. I knew it was vintage as soon as I saw the little pouch for holding cigarettes - not something you're likely to find in today's accessories. I think it also makes a great gum stick holder.

Hello pretty bird dress! This vintage piece is so unique. The red bird print adds some quirkiness to the dress and the sheerness of the material requires a slip underneath, a great excuse to wear fancy under garments. 

Apparently bird prints are a new trend. I love this dress by Miu Miu and I think a fur stole would be the perfect accessory for my birdie dress. 
Hailee Steinfeld by Bruce Weber via fashiongonerogue.

Hmmm. I kind of like this idea of sharing my parental survival strategies. I might have a new series brewing.

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  1. keep 'em coming because I will need all the tips I can get soon enough. Can't wait to meet your new little boy!