Saturday, January 29, 2011

AA Taught Me To Swear?

I went to American Apparel today to pick up a new pair of leggings in an attempt to further delay buying maternity pants. The store nearest to me recently shifted all their kids clothing to the front and changed their display mannequins from their normally suggestive positioning into a hipster family (I'll come back to this).

 American Apparel clothing is awesome for layering and basics. They also carry gorgeous trousers, blouses, skirts and a zillion other things I would love to fill my wardrobe with. The fact that they produce their clothing in an ethical fashion also warms my heart. The kids who work at American Apparel have amazing style. If I didn't have a muffin top, I'd probably want to dress like them. When I was pregnant with Levi I went into the store and a couple of the shop girls had a great time outfitting me in American Apparel "maternity" wear. I could do without their ads featuring almost bare butt, spread leg, nipply guys and gals (I don't get it and I never will) but in general I like the brand.

When I went in to American Apparel today I felt like I was in the middle of a f-bombing blitz. The sound system was cranked and every other word was a swear. I strongly dislike profanity but I can tolerate it to a point. I'm not one to ask people to watch their language as long as my baby isn't around. Thankfully Levi hadn't come shopping with me. The song went on forever. I was waiting for one of the employees to change it but I was waiting in vain. Finally, the song ended and I was relieved until, "a-hole" this and "a-hole" that exploded around me. Seriously? The store was clearly pushing their kids merchandise and trying to present American Apparel as a family brand. If I came into the store with my family while they were playing this obscene music I would have high-tailed it out of there and never looked back. Levi picks up words like a parrot and I guarantee he would have walked away dropping the f-bomb.

I had to muster up the nerve but finally I went up to one of the employees and said, "I bring my little guy in here sometimes and this music is terrible, like unbelievably bad...." The girl apologetically told me their radio wasn't working and it was someones I-Pod. Are you laughing too? Umm, who cares? Have some class and switch the playlist. I was very polite and with a little eye-roll the girl said she'd change the music. I was proud of myself for stepping up but I admit, I was embarrassed to have to play the roll of of an un-cool, urban mom. When I was at the till the employees were making fun of earlier clients. I can only imagine what they said about me when I left.

I walked out of the store head held high but inwardly my pride was a little bruised because the cool kids probably didn't like me. Oh well.

American Apparel, I love you and I will be back but for the sake of all that's classy, don't dress my kids and teach them their first swear word too.

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