Saturday, January 1, 2011

Upon Reflection

Reflecting on this past year and looking towards the future fills my soul with wonder at the many paths God takes us on. These photos were taken where Ben and I grew up. When we were dating we used to run these trails and our wedding reception was held in a hall at this park. New Year's Eve is my birthday so I like to spend it enjoying old haunts. 

Ben and I were baby free the whole day. One of the things that amazes me most in this past year is how  Levi has grown from a baby into an independent toddler. When we leave him at our parents he practically shoves us out the door. As much as I want my baby to always cuddle with me and never, ever leave; it is a beautiful thing to watch a human being develop. Would you agree that this development never ends? I am still becoming the person I want to be. 


Don't accept mediocrity. Strive for excellence. Happy New Year!

P.S. The day didn't end here. Stay tuned!

Outfit Details:
Vintage Iceberg jacket
Modcloth Chrysanthemum Clouds Dress
Modcloth Aboot Face Boots
UO jeans and gloves
F21 Ring


  1. LOVE your style! Those gloves are awesome!
    great blog!

  2. nice blazer!lovely photos!

  3. I love the blazer and dress top! Nice post, looks like you had a lovely day. Happy belated birthday! Follow me! xx

  4. This outfit is straight-up AMAZING.

  5. yes, you look great, of course, but I love the story behind it and the sentiment of the pictures more. I guess knowing how we (peeps we know in the tri-cities) all have those connections to Rocky Point in one way or another. That's what warms my heart, how places connect us to people we love. LOVE YOU!

  6. wow. what a beautiful post! You are stunning and your outfit is so cute!

    Love your blog,
    xx Charlotte