Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Recap: Bright Nights

A Vancouver Christmas wouldn't be complete without attending Bright Nights in Stanley Park. To the eyes of an adult the display might seem gaudy but to a two and a half year old it is a wonderland to behold. 

My boys are starting to hang out together. Jethro thinks Levi is hilarious. Levi thinks Jethro is either one of four things: cute, hungry, sad or happy (or pooing. Five things actually). I think they're going to be great buds. 

I'm continuing to experiment with gall bladder friendly recipes. I made these pancakes and I'll post the recipe this week. They are vegan and gluten free!

I took a quick trip to the thrift store and came away with this lovely, hand painted desert stacker. The trays are made of pine. I can't wait to fill them with Christmas goodies!

My sissy sent me a picture of the vintage dress I hemmed for her last week.  She's styled up and ready to go to a Christmas party.  It's amazing what a little alteration can do to make a dress fabulous. What a hot mama!


  1. These photos are amazing Michelle. Love the way you've edited them. That one of the boys is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.