Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Recap: This is My Story, This is My Song

Last week my friend Nikki and her family invited us to go to the Vancouver Aquarium on Friday. I knew Levi would be stoked to go, however, this is an expensive time of year and even tickets to the aquarium were beyond our entertainment budget. I didn't immediately say no to Nikki because I was praying that the extra money would appear. Wednesday and Thursday passed and I planned to turn down the invitation. I was disappointed because, like every parent, I want my kids to be able to have fun and memorable experiences. Learning to say, "I can't afford it," is difficult because plastic could temporarily solve my "no money" problem. And by "no money" I should point out it's all relative. We have everything we need and more. Friday morning, I was in a sleep-induced coma when Ben came to wake me up. 

"Hey, Claire just came down and gave us tickets for the aquarium that they can't use."

Claire is our upstairs neighbor. Claire didn't know my mama heart was longing to take my kids on an exciting aquatic adventure.  Divine provision? I think so. I think God cares about the itty-bitty details of my life, beyond my needs, to meet some of my many wants. I can only hope that this Christmas season I will be as generous towards others as God has been to me. 

Jethro waking up at the aquarium. That's his "where the heck am I?!" look. Can you imagine waking up face-to-face with a giant sting-ray?

Levi and his best buddy taking in the anemones (I cannot say that word for the life of me, enemies, anememonies)

And the rest of our weekend...impromptu "dress-up like cowboys". Levi came up with this costume on his own.

Family birthday party where I got to give my mom and sister sparkly gifts because they are shining lights in my life and I love them. 

I'm talking to you!
The earrings and necklace are from one of my favorite artisans on Granville Island, Janis Dean Johnson Jewelry Design

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