Saturday, March 17, 2012

Love Your Neighbour(hood)

I'm lucky I live in a neighborhood where I can walk to a tasty meal, peep into a toy shop, grab a cup of jo and browse through a thrift store all in one block. It's an especially great escape when I'm overwhelmed. Which is often. 
If you have an afternoon I recommend this little neighborhood tour for you. Begin at The Naam, Vancouver's famous 24 hour vegetarian restaurant. The Naam boasts a huge menu, gigantic portions and a cozy atmosphere. The Naam is always busy and expect to be elbow to elbow with your neighbor, but being forced to be friendly is part of the fun. I should mention that everything feels a bit sticky, 24 hours of food service will do that to a place. I swear it adds character. 

Next go next door to No Pirates Allowed. This little toy shop is full of eco-friendly products, learning games, as well as some of the more popular name brands. Unique to the shop is the website which shows up to date information on what products they have in stock. That way if you're looking for something specific for your little nugget, you'll come and not be disappointed. I'm in love with their front desk, carved like a pirate ship. Cute!

Walk a few more feet and stop for the best coffee in Vancouver. No joke. Momento Coffee House is a hidden gem, a little shop that carries the tastiest, most fresh coffee beans in the city. Each cup of coffee is individually brewed to perfection. Similar to The Naam it has a tight atmosphere, but I'm all about being up in your neighbour's beeswax. We've made some great friends through proximity.

Finally, cross the street to My Favorite Thrift Shop and begin digging for treasures. You may have to dig deep because the store is haphazardly organized and full of weird miscellaneous (Various animal tails) but we've found some great household items amidst the chaos. 

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