Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feeling Raw

I'm feeling slightly raw emotionally today so I thought it might be a good opportunity to discuss why I think the raw food diet is da bomb (I'm sorry). I've been dabbling around in vegetarianism for a number of years but I've read enough books to know that even a vegetarian diet can be leached of all nutrients by excessive heating, frying, and baking. I was fortunate to be sent Eat Raw, Eat Well by Douglas McNish for review and I'm happy to say this cook food book is the shizzle to my nizzle (sorry again). The book is full of recipes using only raw food ingredients, from appetizers, to mains, to deserts, I've found an idea for every occasion. Sometimes with alternative diets the list of unusual ingredients can be daunting but I've found everything required, with a quick stop at my local Whole Foods. Most of the recipes call for some variety of nuts, legumes, and fresh spices. A food processor and blender are necessary supplies and it would be handy to have a food dehydrator but we're hurting for cupboard and counter space in our kitchen, the clutter has to stop somewhere (Confession: Our deep freeze is in the living room, hidden, but haunting me none the less). 

Below is my favorite recipe thus far: Creamy Chickpea Salad. I serve it as a dip with crackers (the non-raw variety). 

I love Abeego products. When I'm too lazy to transfer food to a tupperware container I cover the bowl with an Abeego cloth to keep things fresh.  

My three year old has eaten all the raw food recipes with out complaint. I feel a bit devious knowing that with all the blending it is impossible for him to tell the variety of vegetables he is consuming, which he might otherwise turn his nose up at (or spit out, let's be honest). Here are some other great reasons I've found for going (mostly) raw:

1. Many of the ingredients can be grown in our garden through the spring, summer and fall.

2. When I'm making a raw food meal I can usually make a similar version of it for my 8 month old by blending the ingredients until completely smooth. No muss no fuss.

3. Sprouting and soaking can be a fun activity for toddlers to participate in.

4. No cooking time makes raw food meals fast to prepare (as long as you plan the soaking or sprouting in advance).

5. While nuts may seem like an expensive ingredient, it balances out with not buying meat. 

6. My husband and I feel healthier and more energized when eating raw food.

7. Raw food meals are safe to prepare for gluten-free friends.

8. It's just weird enough to make for interesting conversation.

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  1. Yum Yum Yum!!! I love chickpeas and this just looks phenomenal! Thanks so much for sharing inspiration :)