Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mommy Monday: No Surgery Needed

By now you may have noticed my Photo-A-Day challenge turned into a Photo-One-Day challenge. I suck :) I couldn't wrap my mind around any creative ideas and I couldn't stand the thought of taking sub-par photos just for the sake of completing the challenge. Maybe another month.
Photo c/o Physique  57 via the  NYPOST

I decided to shoot for some more regular Mommy Mondays instead. Pressing on my mind and feeling it in my butt is a fitness routine I began a month ago which I have to share with you. I'm not in any way being compensated for promoting this specific program but it's just so good. Have you heard of Physique 57? A friend mentioned the at-home video series and I latched onto the idea because I hadn't been making it to the gym. I read up on the program online and was sold. The workout program combines isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches to sculpt a long, lean, and strong body. And oh my goodness, it works.

I have lost inches off my bod but it comes with a price. The moves themselves aren't difficult but it's the muscle overload that makes you want to cry, every time. It's hard not to cuss out the instructor Tanya Becker for her intensity and cheerfulness, but truthfully the combination is motivating. 

Trying to bounce back into shape after having my second baby following my own program was not producing the results I wanted. Physique 57 fast tracked me to the healthy post-baby lifestyle I desired. I haven't lost tons of weight which was never my goal and could be dangerous as a full-time nursing mom. Instead I've lost fat and gained muscle, and the saggy parts of my body are magically (actually more like through sweat, blood and tears) lifting. 

I also want to put in my two cents about exercise and post baby blues/depression, because I've been there and I'm still working through it. Exercise, where in you actually break a sweat, is a huge mood booster. It's crazy how many times we can hear the same message about what will improve our well-being yet still not take any steps to help ourselves. From me to any struggling moms out there, it's worth it to break a sweat and allow those endorphins to do their work. With Physique 57, I can bust out one of the videos even with the kids around and get through a complete workout. I feel better physically and mentally (Picture me going from screaming into a pillow to a saner, prettier version of myself).

P.S. If you're doing the video and it's killing you, just imagine my hubby doing it with me and that'll give you a good laugh.


  1. I seriously want to try this with you.

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