Monday, February 6, 2012


I love my family. I love that it is filled with artists and intellects and that I'm constantly amazed by their talents. My brother is a brilliant theologian and regularly requested for speaking engagements and book collaborations. My sister decided to start a furniture making business to supplement their income while on maternity leave. She now has a constant flow of clients requesting her custom headboards. And then there are the musicians. Songs seem to flow out of my husband and now his youngest sister. Which leads me to Esther's latest song, "Up." 

Have a listen and be amazed by the talent of this 17-year-old.

P.S. Emerald is family too. Her grandma is my mother-in
law's cousin. Seriously. I can't help bragging. 

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  1. Loved the song, voices and guitar, so awesome! I think you are a very talented writer, stylist, wife and mother. You are all among great company... Keep up the great blogging Michelle. :-D. I feel blessed that I get to be at Calvary and be taught God's wonderful word by your brother.