Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Kale Apple Shitake Risotto

I keep throwing out the meat I buy because it goes bad before I use it. I've sworn before that I'm going to go full-out vegetarian and it seems that going green is my natural leaning anyways. I love risotto and I found this Kale Apple Shitake Risotto here

The most fun part of the recipe was making my own broth, something I've never experimented with before. Risotto is definitely a meal that has to be served right away. We had to wait a half an hour for papa to get home which made it a little stickier then I prefer. But otherwise, yummers! And really easy to make.


  1. Could you please send me the recipe? It sounds delicious (and I like my risotto a bit sticky...)

  2. Hon, there's a link to the recipe in the first paragraph.
    P.S. Your new baby girl is adorable!