Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life is For Living

Whew! May was crazy busy with a family wedding, relatives in town and Levi's first birthday! Yes, my little man is one!

When I reflect on the first year of my life as a mom I would say it was the hardest year I've lived through. Ever. But when I look at these pictures what I see is joy. Life, even its most difficult seasons, is always full of beauty.

For example, look at those eyes! Even when Levi has been a terd all day, those eyes make me smile.

And nothing is better than mommy hugs!

I love watching Levi try things for the first time, like dipping his feet in the ocean, or nom, nom chowing down on pizza.

Does anything beat a beautiful, evening picnic at the beach with family?

And then there was Levi's first birthday party. Umm, I may have gone crazy and invited 40 people. It was a superhero theme and for some reason I felt passionate about dressing up as spiderman. I never reflected on what it would be like to be a spider mommy making my way through the crowds at Granville Island (Yes that was me). Oh, and how flippin' gorgeous are my mom and sister in this pic!

Do you see the resemblance?

Proof. Minus the mask but I swear I wore it!

Very excited about presents!

Levi's thank-you speech.

How sweet is life? 

*All photos by Esther Gadd

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