Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life is Only Stinky For a Minute

This morning I was rudely awakened by Ben bursting into our room, shouting, "I need help with Levi, his poo exploded up his back and it's all over his clothes!" Oh, for the love.... It was quite the sight, Levi dangling by one hand as Ben tried to wipe him and remove his clothes at the same time. It was a two man job, so I don't blame Ben for disrupting my sleep, but sometimes I really wish I could wake up to the smell of flowers and not poo. 
When I go for walks I always stop to breathe in the aroma of my neighbors' gardens. The beautiful waft of fresh flowers reminds me there is more to life then smelly diapers. I don't have a green thumb but I certainly appreciate the work of those who do.

 My friend Jennie Hembruch of Paeonia Gardens runs a garden design, consultation, installation and maintenance company in Vancouver. The work that Paeonia Gardens does is fabulous because they treat their work as art. Literally. Look at this painting Jennie did and she grew those Paeonias! Lovely as a breath of fresh air. 

 I have some wild lavender and yellow (I don't know the name of) flowers from my neighbors garden in the kitchen. If my day begins with a big, baby poo, I can stick my nose in the bouquet, take a big long sniff and remind myself that life is only stinky for a minute. 

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