Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Six Weeks-Sucking it Up and In

I hit the magic six week mark and I'm building up my fitness routine very slowly. Apparently my mother left the hospital in her pre-pregnancy jeans after giving birth. I'm still sporting maternity pants. I have the option of skinny jeans that give me a mega-muffin top or fit more like leg warmers and my maternity pants that give me a saggy butt but cover all the necessary parts. Buying in between pants feels like a waste of money and so option number two is a healthy fitness routine that will hopefully lead me back to a version of my old size (Nothing's ever quite the same). So here's my plan:

Three times a week I will alternate between pilates, yoga and the gym. On in between days I'll go for walks (maybe). The whole point of such a simple routine is that I wont beat myself up if I miss a day. If I start too hard core I'd probably injure myself or fail to meet my expectations. I follow this book for pilates, this IPhone app for yoga and hit up Steve Nash Fitness World. Eventually I'll get back into running but the weather puts a damper on that prospect. I'm a bit of a lost puppy at the gym, never sure what equipment to use, so I usually stick to the elliptical. I have to be careful with weights because my abdominal muscles split like the Red Sea during pregnancy and I'm using pilates and yoga to suck things back together. Any suggestions ye gym goers? 

Now that I've put this out to the WWW I'm committed!

P.S. last time I talked about fitness and the "last ten pounds" I found out  I was pregnant a week later. 


  1. Have you considered doing any FitforTwo classes? These are run by mommies, for mommies, and they meet all over the place. They would have some suggestions re: ab work, I think.

    Until I see (and feel) the post-natal damage, I'm not sure what I will be doing to regain the semblance of a (non-circular) shape. But good work on your motivation! It is inspiring ;)