Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend Recap

We've been staying very entertained in our household. Whether it's the crazy antics of our toddler, the cuteness of our baby, or new discoveries I'm making, life is interesting. Here are five of our happenings:

1. The other night I heard Levi out in the living room at 3:15 AM. I sent Ben to check out the scene and at first he couldn't find Levi. Ben finally found him under the computer desk with an unlit candle and a wine glass filled with ginger ale. Yes, he poured his own glass. Yes, we negligently left an empty wine glass on the floor and an open can on the counter. I am continuously baffled by this 2 1/2 year old. What was he thinking?

2. I went for my first post baby run on Saturday. I felt like a champion and was certain I was skinnier after my athletic endeavors. I popped my wedding ring back on my finger after not being able to wear it for months. I was super excited to be symbolically married again until my finger puffed up like a balloon. Scene from a horror movie, Ben wielding a mini-grinder with a cutting blade holding my hand flat on the table, cutting the ring off my finger (true story). I'm lucky to have a tool savvy husband...

3. I've been experimenting with many raw food recipes. Most notable are the healthy pancakes I made for Levi and I. They were interesting... I am the mom in this video.

4. To get a better idea of how Levi feels about the healthy menu we've been eating lately I made him a super nutritious smoothie and he told me, "I'm pretending I'm eating my poopies."

5. I've never gone across the border just to go shopping but Gwen Stefani has designed a Harajuku Mini line for Target and I'm a little bit in love.

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