Monday, April 30, 2012

I Remember

I remember when I used to wake up in the morning with a a thrill of excitement that the day was going to be full of new adventures. As a little girl I was usually excited about a new book (The Baby Sitter's Club), or tree to hide out in. Somewhere along the journey of "growing up" excitement about life became replaced with days riddled with anxiety, stress and disappointment. When I look at my boys I see that zest for life which I once possessed. And I long for it. Every day they are discovering new things in this gigantic world around them. When we visited the Ocean Cement Factory on Granville Island, Levi and Jethro were in awe of the life-sized versions of their favorite toys. And then yesterday we walked down to the beach and sat in the sand and I told Levi, "This is Jethro's first time ever touching sand. Isn't that amazing!" I relished that moment of discovery, imagining, what it must have felt like for Jethro to experience the texture (and taste) of sand.

I had a crummy afternoon a while back. I went outside to practice taking pictures and I looked grumpy in all of them. I was burdened with life. And then I remembered my boys' bright eyes as they took in the world. God created us be in perpetual awe of the earth he created because it gives us a glimpse into His majesty. That will never grow old or fade. It's thoughts like these that make my worries insignificant in the grand scheme of things. 

The burden is lifting...

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  1. Thanks Michelle, I really needed this reminder today.

    Seriously that photo of Ben and the boys made me laugh so hard. Ben looks so happy and Levi & Jet are...concerned.