Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It Was Nifty

 I stopped in at the Nifty for Fifty annual event on Sunday and browsed through the discounted eye candy of local Vancouver designers. 

I came away with these lovely ladies on my arm. 
Bracelet by Irit Sorokin

This broach from Buenostyle would jazz up a simple blazer.

It's not a Vancouver fashion event without cute hipsters in attendance. 

I have such a thing for neon right now. It's meant to be worn with a tan. Sunshine, I welcome you with open arms!
Earrings by Bianca Barr Designs

I didn't bring a lot of cash to the event (on purpose), otherwise I would have walked away with this dress by Adhesif Clothing

I'd get my ears re-pierced for these darlings.

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