Sunday, April 22, 2012

No More Kissing Frogs

What a wedding! My dear friend and faithful blog commenter Ariana is now married to Jared! The venue was the Fraser River Lodge, the perfect setting for love, love, love! Sarah and I were very excited for the newly weds. 
Very excited.

This is what I wore. 

But who cares what I'm wearing when nature is clothed in so much beauty?!

We were child-free for the day! Weddings are one of my favourite dates: beautiful setting, happy people, great food and romance in the air. 

Ariana, Cheers....


  1. hope you enjoyed every second! lovely!!

  2. Oh good, the jumping pictures made it on the internet. :S That one of you and Ben is lovely though! I am a good photographer.

  3. Love your dress, but I love your shoes even more! Great scenery too!

  4. such a sweet post!


  5. You rocked that dress!! Great photo of you and Ben too!! Looks like so much fun!!

  6. Ahh i love your vintage outfit :) Such a cherry post!!