Thursday, September 2, 2010

Business on Top, Party on Bottom

I was a size six pre-pregnancy and since I've been working my but off to get in shape I arbitrarily decided my body must be back to a six. Ha, ha, jokes on me! Guess who got stuck in a size six dress in the H & M changing room? I broke into a panicky sweat trying to contort my body out. I made it, but not before I'd imagined all the potential scenarios, every one ending in me looking like an idiot.

And then I did it again.

Maybe this size six dress will fit differently... what's that song with the line, you do it to yourself!?

A while back I mentioned I'm taking a couture pattern drafting course. Thank God I'm learning to make custom fit garments. They come with a can't-get-stuck guarantee. This is the blouse I've been working on.

The fabric is a silk blend from Ann Taylor. I gravitate towards darker colored clothing and then add a pop of color with accessories. The blouse fits more like a jacket so I've tried it with a belt to create a severe waistline.

The hand-finishing techniques I've been taught are extraordinary. The inside of the blouse is almost prettier than the out! If you sew, you will appreciate the bias binding on the neck and hem, as well as the Chinese finish on the facing. The center front pieces are interfaced with silk organza.

I still need to add the sleeves, which are going to have great poof, and finish the hem. The blouse is all business but I keep mentally pairing it with distressed, skinny jeans. I like the idea of business on the top, party on the bottom.

I can't wait to reveal the end result!


  1. where are your taking your pattern drafting class? i'm slowly learning how to so and always looking for help and tips!

  2. I'm taking lessons at a private studio called Blossom Coutouriere. If you're interested in contacting Blossom I can pass on her number through e-mail. You can contact me at Blossom also sometimes teaches through the Vancouver School Board Continuing Ed. program. You'll find program info. at She is an awesome teacher!