Friday, September 24, 2010


Levi's first discernible word was wheel, followed by truck or "ruck" as he likes to say. "Ruck" is better than...well you know. As you can imagination Levi loves any and all motor vehicles, especially when they appear in books. That's why our new favorite books are the Little Blue Truck series. The stories are incredibly sweet and contain moral lessons for wee ones.

What initially drew me to these books were the illustrations. There is genuine care and effort put into the artwork, reminding me of nights spent sitting on mommy or daddy's lap while being read to sleep. I picked up copies at Kids Books in Kitsilano. I may love clothes but my favorite store is Kidsbooks. I could spend hours browsing through their unbelievable selection. I can go there in a terrible mood and come out smiling. In fact, I think I might give up "grown-up" books altogether and allow my imagination to be reborn through children's stories.

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