Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Comforts of Couture

 As a stay-at-home mom it is a breath of fresh air to leave behind my responsibilities for the day and immerse myself in the activities of the couture studio. The beauty of the couture studio is that while we work on our garments we also build community. My teacher, Blossom not only instructs in couture but mentors her students in life. Along with the sound of the rippling of fabric and the dropping of pins is the sound of conversations about everything, from philosophy to fashion.

Blossom is from Iran as are some of her students. Farsi is an extremely poetic and beautiful language. I love to lose myself in my project with Farsi, almost like music, in the background.  Even though Blossom is incredibly accomplished at her craft she demonstrates humility in how she cares for her students. I've never gone to the studio without being offered tea and delicious goodies. Blossom also makes gourmet lunches. I told her in absolute truth the last time I was there that the food she served was the best thing I had ever eaten: Roasted, stuffed peppers and tomatoes, and for desert, a pear marinated in the juice of cherries! My mouth waters just thinking about it. Blossom makes me eat a lot and take my time. I think she knows that my meals usually consist of the regurgitated food served up by my 16 month old.

I am completing the finishing touches on my blouse and dreaming of the next project. I'm feeling inspired by the freshness of Thakoon's designs for his Spring 2011 runway show.

I love the ruffles on this dress (Notice how I made it G-rated)!  I always hope that inspiration will lead to individual expression rather than plagiarism.  I think the bottom of this dress would make an amazing skirt. Maybe in black for winter...

*Model: Sofie Srej. Photo:Monica Feudi/GoRunway.com via Style.com

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