Saturday, September 11, 2010


A few months ago I was bemoaning our sad kitchen nook. This nook was a dumping ground for miscellaneous. During his vacation my wonderful husband transformed it into a beautiful dining space. Already we have shared many deep and meaningful times around the table with friends and family. Here are some before and after pics.



To make the table and benches Ben used 2x6's and glued them together to look like large planks of solid wood. He then stained them and coated the wood with kitchen grade, water based varathane. This was a cheap way to make something beautiful. The legs of the table are sawed to fit, recycled Ikea legs. I have to say, my husband has some pretty sick skills. Carpentry is one of them. 

I painted the walls, once Levi was in bed, over very, very many days. Eventually I plan to add a cool light fixture, some pillows and art on the wall, but much like painting this could take me a while. 


  1. That is fabulous Michelle!! Andrea

  2. I love it!!! Beautiful work - inspiring

  3. Thanks! It's fun to do what we can in a rental place for low cost. Lorraine, things sound very exciting over at Redfish these days!

  4. I love that nook and I love you and I love your new banner!

  5. Thanks Ariana! Banner photo is courtesy of Sarah Cameron