Thursday, August 11, 2011

Style File: Naomi

One of my favorite blog posts to do is a Style File. I know so many lovely ladies with tremendous style and it is a great honor when they are willing to be featured on Elasticpantcity. Naomi is an extraordinary wife, mother and hairdresser. We first met at church and I was instantly impressed by her humility and inward beauty, not to mention her outward gorgeousness! Naomi's style appears effortless and often when I'd admire one of her outfits she would tell me she made it herself or it was thrifted. Naomi became my hairdresser and because she was a few steps ahead in life (married and eventually a baby on the way)  I loved using my salon sessions to gab about boys and babies. When I began to date my now husband, Naomi gave his shag a stellar hair cut which confirmed for me what a hottie he is : ) (Thanks Naomi!) Fast forward five years and we live in different cities. Doing a Style File has become a great way to connect with old friends! 

Naomi answered some questions for me on her personal style.

Because you can sew, do you find yourself altering clothes to make them suit you or for your daughter?

Oh yes! A sewing machine in the house is wonderful. My mom just gave me her old serger. It kind of scares me, so many needles and threads! But yes, I alter a lot of my clothes. It's especially handy for thrift shopping, as sometimes I really like the piece but it only comes in one size or length. I don't tend to alter my daughter's clothes because sooner or later she will grow. I just roll her clothes up or put the piece in the back of the closet for later.

How has being a mom effected your personal style?

The first year or two I definitely felt like I struggled with finding the right clothes. My size and shape kept changing, things fit differently than before, and somehow the colour white doesn't work on me any more! Also the budget is tighter. That led me to more second hand shopping, which I have grown to love! Not only is it more ethically palatable (I say the clothes are baptized), but I'm a girl who loves to shop so the hunt is great! And I have a little girl who likes to shop and try on clothes as well which is very fun. I love finding vintage, designer or just plain unique clothing at a fraction of the price. Now that I'm in my 30s I feel more comfortable wearing what I really want to wear. I'm not sure if that is more an age than a motherhood thing, though.

Are there any specific items you're hoping to add to your wardrobe in the next while?

Boots! That is more a practical need. My last pair are rattling rocks in the bottom when I walk; I don't think they'll keep my feet dry this winter. My husband thinks  I'm a walking comedy! On the less practical, not really needed side, I'd love a pair of flare, high waisted jeans.

Thanks Naomi!

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  1. I love the interview, so interesting. My mom is really good at sewing and it is a lifesaver at times when you cannot find the right item to wear. I love the last outfit the best, it is so stylish but really simple.