Monday, August 8, 2011

Take the Highway

Despite our slow start to the day on Friday, Ben and I did accomplish some fun things for the boys' room.   We are working with a pretty tight space and having to cram furniture where it will fit. After seeing Blaise's nursery on Ohdeedoh I think the Eames Rocker would be the perfect chair for a small room but we have a $0.00 budget. Everything we did on Friday was with material we already had. 

Ben likes to focus on making things functional while I'm all about esthetic appeal. With a little bit of convincing Ben was willing to help me spruce the room up with design details (After he had chopped up a bunch of shelves to make them fit). My vision for the room is based on freeway driving. Levi and I head out to the burbs on a regular basis to see family and I'm always pointing out sights to him as we drive along the freeway. The white lines on the wall are inspired by how the white lines on the road meet up with the blue of the sky on the horizon. Our freeway has been under major construction and bunting has been strung between temporary light poles. We live in a beautiful part of the world and mountains and greenery rise up next to us as we drive, hence the mountain scene on the pillow.

While Ben painted lines on the wall (using left over bathroom paint) I sewed the bunting with fabric I bought ages ago. The flags are strung up with the same material I used to sew the cushion on the rocking chair. My mom crochet the lovely blankies on the chair and crib for baby Jethro. These changes only took a few hours and I'm excited by how simple details made a sad little bedroom a cheerful place to be. When Levi saw the bunting he said in his amazingly cute, two-year-old way, "Wow! Flags!"

 I still need to figure out a crib set and bedding for Levi's toddler bed to fit with the theme. One corner of the room is completed but the rest of the room is a work in progress. Hopefully I'll have time to do some finishing touches before Jethro comes. Time is ticking!

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  1. I love it, Michelle! The paint on the wall is perfect. I'm a big fan of horizontal stripes. Love the pillow too.