Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday was the birthday of our very dear friend Sarah and we celebrated with a Mexican Fiesta! When Levi was born, Sarah was the friend who would drop by with chick flicks and keep me company while Ben worked. As a new mother, it was very calming to have a girlfriend to do regular life things with. I think it helped keep me mostly sane.

Levi only liked his mustache if he could see it in the mirror. Otherwise I'm assuming the mustache felt like a rat on his face. Ben's smile is just a little bit creepy...

The Setting. Casa de las Kneppers. 

Two thumbs down to giant sombrero.

If I didn't wax this is what I'd look like (Just joking. Or am I?)

Nothing like chillin' on the back porch with friends and food.

Levi is in love with Tami. We keep telling him she's taken.

Our canine friends were excellent hosts. Josh and Tami were okay too ; )

The rest of the weekend was filled with family dinners and a big, backyard BBQ bash involving the removal of a fence, pigs and a pit. I'm wiped, but it sure was fun to party hardy!

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  1. If you didn't blog about events at our house, I'd forget they were so much fun!