Monday, June 25, 2012

Go To Outfit

This is my summer go to outfit, cut off jeans and a bright, loose blouse. A few weeks ago there was a string of days filled with dazzling sunlight and a warm breeze. I discovered I had no shorts that button up over my gut, and figuring the cool weather had passed, I took my only fitting jeans and cut off the bottoms. Well, the joke's on me because I ended up trudging through torrential down pours in shorts, and labeled myself, the weird girl who doesn't dress for the weather.  

Once again summer has materialized and I'm back to being appropriately clothed. A while back I did a post on alternatives to cut-off jeans but alas, they are what cover my tush during warm weather. For a girl who loves fashion, I rarely shop or spend money on clothing. I don't usually post a list of the labels I wear because most of them are in your grandma's closet or some altered variation of a thrift store find. I love well made garments and if I was offered an expensive piece of designer garb (Miu Miu, I love you) I wouldn't turn it down, but it's not in our lifestyle to spend lavish amounts of money on clothes. 

High collars are great for slipping a delicate necklace underneath and my new favourite accessory is Essie's Meet Me At Sunset nail polish. As for the kicks, they meet all my criteria for a perfect shoe; cute, comfy and substantially heeled. 

What's your summer go to outfit?

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  1. Great outfit! Love the shoes - I have a very similar pair (from Born or Softt or something similar)!