Saturday, June 30, 2012

Private Beach

When I was a sent this lovely bag from Runway Culture I was asked to take some Vancouver photos with it. This little beach is my favourite place to wander with the boys. It's quiet and private with beautiful views of the city, mountains and ocean. Levi loves to hunt for crabs (or use a rock as a stage) and it turns out Jethro is a little rock climber. Navigating the terrain in heels was treacherous but what's the saying? "Fashion over function." Or something ridiculous like that. 

I'm still keep my camera on M, although I'm certainly tempted to revert to automatic when I'm struggling to get the lighting right. Ben was a good sport posing for me in place while I adjusted the settings.

This is what makes me smile as I pose for every shot. My little adventurers! Their dirtiness at the end of the day is often a measure of the fun they had. 

1 comment:

  1. Basically any shot of the Vancouver skyline just makes me fall in love with the city more and more. So beautiful.
    And cute heels!