Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Indoor Day

Do you remember in elementary school when the administration would declare an "indoor day" because of inclement weather? Everyone hated being stuck inside with nothing to do but pick their noses. Now that I'm at home with my boys I feel the same restlessness on rainy days. We often brave the weather but sometimes it makes more sense to stay warm and dry. Entertaining the boys indoors (Well, really just Levi. All Jet needs is tupperware) takes some serious creativity. Levi if not occupied bounces off the walls (literally). In order to survive these long days, I've dug down into the deep recesses of pinterest my left brain to come up with creative indoor activities.

Today I put vinegar mixed with food colouring into glasses. I filled a plastic container with baking soda and gave Levi a dropper. Vinegar + baking soda = hours of entertainment. This activity gets an A+ for easy, fun and age appropriate.

Levi has just learned how to pose for the camera. This is his stop-and-grin for the lens look.


  1. Pinterest seriously has the best ideas. I saw this one there! But so many others as well, for Flubber and homemade playdoh and all sorts of other crafty things. I say, get him a big cardboard box to create a fort. Offer blankies and pillows and crayons, paper, and tape to "decorate" his space. I used to love doing that sort of thing when I was a kid.

  2. Aww how creative! I love spending days with the boys at home- nothing like staying in pjs and coming up with some fun crafts to do together!