Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mommy Monday: Mixing Up Maternity Wear

 I don't like to spend money on maternity clothes and so I've been trying to find alternatives. Thank God for my husband's closet. I'm constantly borrowing and belting his shirts and pants. Ben thinks it is cute until his clothes end up in the laundry before he gets a chance to wear them. His shirts are always so soft and worn in, how can I resist?

I'm around 15 weeks here. I'm terrible at keeping track of how far a long I am.


  1. Hi ..

    I love your blog. I was sent a blog challenge and wanted to send it along to you. I am challenged though and didn't know how to do that in my post. So if you go and check out my blog you are mentioned there...Hope this makes sense. :-) Sheri