Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Mexican Bean Salad

Apparently I like to hoard cans of beans because recently when Ben organized our pantry he gave me stern instructions not to buy beans for a looooong time. Today I decided to use them up in this super yummy, flavorful bean salad. I found this recipe online and slightly modified it to suit the ingredients I had in the house. I find you can use pretty much any type of bean and whatever color pepper you have available. The best part of this salad is the dressing. Ben and Levi love this meal! It's healthy and it's pretty. Health experts say to eat the colors of the rainbow in vegetables and this salad has them all. 

Doesn't he look satisfied?


  1. I eat so much bean salad it's ridiculous. But it never gets old. My favourite is with avocado and cilantro, nom nom nom.

  2. I made the salad. My husband loved it and my Dad said it was the best thing I ever made. Hmmmm i also loved it. Making it again tonight :-)