Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tots and Thoughts Thursday

Little man loved sitting outside on the front porch with a pillow, blankie and book when he was feeling sick. He's finally on the mend and it seems that in the week he was sick he grew from a baby into a full blown toddler, tantrums included. Even when Levi is under the table, inconsolably crying because I wont let him use the walls as a sketch pad, he is sooo cute (in a break your heart sort of way). 

I went shopping to look for a top for myself and ended up with clothes for Levi. It's way more fun to shop for him. He looks so cute in stripes and the blue shirt is the colour of his eyes. 

Boy clothes are fun but I can't wait until my little sister has her baby Sofia (Due two days ago) and we can dress her up in pretty things. Awwwww! So excited to meet her! Come on little girl, make an appearance!

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