Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mommy Mondays

In a quest to take some time for self-care I decided to learn about making at-home facial masks. I looked up an oatmeal mask on-line and had all the ingredients so I went to work. This mask combined oatmeal, honey and egg white. After wearing the mask for 15 minutes my skin felt silky smooth but I wasn't happy with the texture. I felt like I had barnacles growing on my face. Attempt one = fail but I'm going to keep experimenting. Apparently grinding up the oatmeal is the key to the perfect texture.

 For some reason I couldn't convince Ben to wear a mask with me. He said it's for girls. Ironically Ben uses no facial products and has amazing skin. 

Making a face mask was a  relaxing venture. Unfortunately it was the last peaceful moment of my night.
The rest of the night was spent hopping in and out of bed, comforting my sick baby and trying to get the toilet to stop making a tinkling sound. I'm also sick and can't breath through my nose so I kept snorting myself awake. Lovely, right? 

Thank God for wonderful friends! In the midst of all the runny noses and exhaustion a friend of ours surprised us with yummy soup, bread and these beautiful daffodils. When she brought them yesterday they were not in bloom. This morning when I dragged my body out of bed I was feeling pretty grey and miserable. I wandered into the kitchen and there were these bright, happy flowers to greet me! Proof that life goes on.

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