Monday, March 21, 2011

Mommy Monday

I view Mommy Mondays as an opportunity to take care of some aspect of my well-being because to be honest, in my day-to-day life I let things slip a lot. I hope this doesn't totally repel you but some days I even forget to brush my teeth. As you can imagine on those sad days I'm usually in pajama pants most of the day (not even nice ones. I wear them up high like Steve Urkel and they usually have holes).

In my quest for a healthy, balanced lifestyle I'm trying to slow down and pay attention to my body more (Okay, they told me to in therapy but I know they're right). It has been hard to exercise through my first trimester and I was nervous to start up again as I've begun to feel a bit better. When you're pregnant the emphasis is always on health and not fitness and so I was worried about pushing my body more than I should to stay in shape. However, I was encouraged by my doctor that it was fine to continue with my old exercise routine with some modifications while keeping a careful eye on my heart rate.

Tonight, for the first time in a long time, I did my at-home yoga routine using the I-Phone App, Pocket Yoga. I love this app. There are three different classes I can take in two different sequences allowing me to change up my work out as I please. Other reasons I use this app is the smooth transitions between poses and the ability to control the duration and difficulty of the program. But most importantly this app doesn't bombard me with the weird, spiritual guru stuff that unpredictable yoga teachers will throw my way. My body feels stretched and relaxed after a Pocket Yoga session and my mind at ease.

Pocket Yoga is a great way to end the day, especially a day spent mostly in PJ's.

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