Friday, June 10, 2011

And The Lucky Winner Is...

Through a lucky winner was chosen to receive the lovely Nateah feather earrings c/o Dream!

Che! You are the winner! Please e-mail your address to so I can send you this fabulous giveaway. Thanks every one for participating and keep coming back to visit!

As part of being nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by my beautiful friend Sherri over at So Much to Love, I have to share seven things about myself. Here goes nothing!

1. I don't use toothpaste. Ew gross! Yes, seriously. I'm not alone! Read this article for the benefits of brushing with soap!

2. God willing, I want to have a big family! Friends make fun of me because admittedly, having one child is an unbelievable amount of work. But, I grew up hanging around families of five to ten kids and I loved their bustling, joy-filled homes (Don't freak out. I'm not planning for ten kids, I just want more than two)! As fate would have it I now have nine brothers and sisters including in-laws!

3. Favorite fashion moment: Viewing a Fendi photo shoot in Times Square shot by Karl Lagerfeld. I've never considered myself some one to get star-struck but I was in awe! 

4. I want to learn how to farm. I'm a city girl but there's something about getting close to the earth. My local university has a farm that offers volunteer opportunities. I'm so there once I can bend down again : ) They also have summer camps for kids. Little do my children know their summers are going to be spent working the land ; )

5. It's possible I'm launching an online, vintage clothing shop to overcompensate for being pregnant and dressing like a bag lady every day.

6. Sherri from So Much To Love generously let me live with her and her husband in Australia when I was an immature, selfish 21 year old and she and her husband were newlyweds. We were quite the trio! 

7. I had a crush on my husband the second I laid eyes on him playing the drums in a youth band. We were fifteen years old. Maybe it was the bleach blond hair? Either way it took us eight years to get around to dating.

8. Sometimes I sleep with my IPhone like it's a stuffed animal. I'm working through my attachment issues. (Oops, eight random things about myself).

I will now leave you to ponder about my personal hygiene, redneck dreams and questionable tastes. 


  1. I'm totally bummed I didn't win those fab earrings! ;)
    Oh my goodness, Michelle. I'm surprised you even got married after what you witnessed living with Brad and me as newlyweds. I so enjoyed having you around though - you're my favourite shopping buddy xoxo

  2. I had a great time with you guys and shopping was probably good therapy for both of us : )

  3. That's the first time I've heard about brushing your teeth with soap, SO interesting! I've always had weak enamel and thought it was just luck of the draw, I might have to try this and see if my teeth start to rebuild, cavities suck! xx

  4. I started to brush with a neem toothbrush I picked up in Oslo. Feels strange at first, but the feeling post-brush is unreal. An Ethiopian guy from my church says it's just like the kind he's used forever. And his teeth are indeed sparkling.