Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Things I Love

What a great weekend! After a very successful (but tiring) day thrifting on Thursday I was ready to spend a chill weekend with family and friends. On Friday we had a daddy day going to the park and hanging out around the house. 
Today we joined friends in their rummage sale and were able to offload clothes and appliances. Tami and Josh are a rad couple and just moved into their new place with their two puppies (eep! so cute). I always love how they set up camp because both of them have classy/quirky taste and there's always something that catches my eye in their house. 
One of the articles of clothing I was getting rid of was a dress/top I designed and made ages ago. It doesn't fit me any more and I'm not sure I could really pull off the muted colours. I was worried it would forever sit in my closet. I was soooo happy when a new friend tried it on and loved it. Take it, wear it please! It's so satisfying when hard work doesn't go to waste.
There's nothing like sitting with friends on the front stoop on a beautiful day. 

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