Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wandering Eyes

The problem with hunting for vintage clothing is my eyes are inevitably drawn to other wares. I've now made a promise to Ben that I will no longer come home with anything but clothing. Otherwise I fear that I will became a hoarder and end up in a TLC special. No thank-you. 

Before I put an end to my wandering eyes I found these lovely pieces to decorate my home (and my arm). 

Hand-painted glass vases.

Ornate hieroglyphic handbag. Perfect with a long summer dress.

Dainty little glass container for my rings.


  1. Hey I just wanted to check that you got my email. I won the earrings and sent my address to your email yesterday.

  2. oooh, a big yay for fellow Vancouver bloggers; lovely to meet you!! And I'm officially smitten with those amazing hand painted vases, they are SO gorgeous. Hope your day is a fab one! xx veronika

  3. I hope Ben understands that those are all CLEARLY must-haves.